Student Spotlight: æ - Honoring The Forgotten Women of Type History - The Dieline: The World's #1 Package Design Website -

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Typography-inspired jewelry? I love the concept behind these, based on the intimate relation between a type designer and that special women he dedicated the typeface too (or who inspired the typeface). I wish my type design was good enough to be dedicated to somebody, without insulting that person ;)

Puxxle | Lovely Package

Pixel puzzles. I mean, how cool can nostalgia be (in a sense, that I don’t really do puzzles anymore, although I am sure it is not something people don’t to today anymore)?

Everyday Posters for Everyday Things on the Behance Network

This series of posters is just great. Not only do they look really well designed, but the humor and wit in them made me laugh out loud a couple of times. I would definitely recommend you give them a look.

Steampunk Playing Cards - The Dieline: The World's #1 Package Design Website -

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Steampunk playing cards. I love the detailed illustration of the gears within the symbol. And the box just tops everything off like a cherry on a sundae. Pure awesomeness.

National Geographic Photography Contest Winners: 2011 - The Big Picture -

I found it extremely hard to pick one image for this article. This selection of photos is simply stunning. From the incredible rainbow photograph above the sea to the hunting picture with the blurred animals, I could look at these for hours. Worthy winners.

Lightpainting: Stefano Bellamoli – More Light To Come (8 Pictures) > Design und so, Feature, Illustrationen, Installationen, Paintings > 3D, aesthetic, cages, langzeitbelichtung, lightpainting, spirals

I love light painting photography and have wanted to work on a similar project for quite a while (which is when grad school comes along to mess with my free time). Stefano Bellamoli, an Italian art director, creates these amazing paintings in mines below the surface, without using additional light sources. Amazing.

Hauntingly Engaging Photography - My Modern Metropolis

Looking at this series of images, I couldn’t help but feel really uncomfortable. At the same time, I could not stop looking at them. They have something to them that just pulled me in. Check them out, if you dare.

Student Spotlight: Wild Birds Unlimited - The Dieline: The World's #1 Package Design Website -

I love checking out student work on Dieline. It lets me see what other students are up to, allowing me to see the quality level of people that are in a similar spot. While sometimes intimidating - the Dieline curates some pretty amazing stuff - I often times find things that just leave me awestruck. Like this piece here by Francis Acuña. The illustration is so well-done, the bold colors really remind of the endless variety in wildlife. 

Steve Jobs Action Figure (10 Pictures) > Design und so, Funny Shizznits, Gossip, Sculptures > action figur, apple, iphone, ipod, skultptur, steve jobs

In Icons is set to release a Steve Jobs action figure. The are not officially authorized so it might end up on a legal chopping block. But the idea is somewhat interesting nonetheless, because it shows the deep dent that the loss of Steve Jobs must have left on the community that is still mourning. I admit, I am still amazed by the profound impact that his passing seems to have. Morning Mug

A mug that changes from sleepy face to smiling face once you poor in your morning coffee? Brilliant idea. Start the day with a smile :)